The 5 Minute Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is the pretty and polished younger sister to the classic braid. It’s beautiful, feminine, and super trendy. Perfect for school, work, or a nice afternoon out—and only 5 minutes to master! Take a look at this simple tutorial below for a quick and easy fishtail braid.

What You’ll Need:

• Hair Tie • Butterfly Clip (optional) • Teasing CombDry Shampoo (Milani Hair) • Boosting Powder (Milani Hair) 1. First, spray dry shampoo (‘NO H20 Volumizing Dry Shampoo’) onto your roots, even if your hair is freshly washed—this will provide some texture and grit. Next, sprinkle boosting powder (‘Big Hair Don’t Care’) for added volume and to also help tease the top of your hair. Now you are ready to tease the crown of your head, giving it some lift. 2. Separate the top of your hair and clip it back (this is optional but creates a nice half-up-half-down look—you could alternatively tie your hair with a ponytail). Taking all of your hair to one side prepare to braid by separating this section of hair in two. Note: A conventional braid takes 3 strands but a fishtail braid takes 2. 3. Simple take one small piece at a time from the outside strand and cross it over to the other side. The smaller the piece, the more ‘fishtail-like’ and layered it will appear. Either braid straight down to the ends of your hair or leave a small section of ponytail depending on preference and secure with a hair tie. 4. Round out the top of your hair, pulling out your bangs slightly so they loosely frame your face. 5. Last (the fun part), take your finished braid and tug on both sides, making the fishtail as big as you want. And voila! A 5-minute perfect fishtail braid! Watch the original video tutorial here:


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Posted: Sep 17 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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