Five Easy Back To School Hair Ideas For Long Hair

The days may be getting shorter, but that doesn't mean that your hair should! Girls, get your Milani hair extensions and check out these five easy ideas for back to school that will help you get back into the swing of things:

1. The Half Up Half Down

- gives off a cute, girly vibe. Use a paddle brush to take up the top half of your hair up and secure. If you have bangs, tease them and pin to the side. (optional) Add a few curls to the bottom for a sexy finish. (optional)

bed head hairstyle2. Bedhead

- an edgy style for the rocker-girl! Wash your hair the night before. While your hair is still moist, section and create four seperate ballet buns. In the morning, take your hair down and tousle with beach spray.

3. Soft Waves

- a romantic, ultra femme look. This is the one that will catch your crush's eye. Wrap one-inch sections around a large barrel curling iron. Let cool. Brush out and spritz with light-hold hairspray for soft and sexy waves.

clip on bangs4. Straight Bangs

- from Taylor Swift to Michelle Obama, bangs are all the rage right now! If you don't already have bangs, you can use our clip on bangs. Emphasize your bangs by straightening them with a flat iron while leaving the rest of your hair messy.

side braid5. Side Braid

- with the help of Pinterest, this is another trending look. Decide whether you'd like a regular or fishtail braid. Leave some whisps of hair down in front and don't worry about making the braid too perfect. The messier the better! These awesome ideas should get you inspired to look your back to school hair best without stressing about your hair.


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Posted: Aug 22 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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