Healthy Black Hair Tips

Ethnic stylists agree that there is no such thing as having good hair or bad hair, it all depends on the way you take care of it. It is now about embracing any style you choose, while maintaining it and keeping it healthy. Whether you prefer to keep your hair natural, braided, or straightened (‘relaxed’), here are some great tips for preserving its vitality and achieving healthy black hair:

Organic and low-sulfate shampoo + conditioner

• The more you shy away from chemicals, the better. • A bonus is to use products that contain quality essentials oils like tea tree oil for a more natural scalp cleanse. • This will also ensure that your scalp stays properly hydrated since there won’t be chemicals harshly stripping your scalp from its natural oils.

Avoid chlorine swimming pools

• Chlorine pools can cause hair to dry out quickly and become brittle. This is heightened if hair has already been chemically processed in order to straighten it. Hair will become porous over time. • A great alternative is to seek out reverse osmosis swimming pools!

Utilize a leave-in conditioner

• A leave-in conditioner will work to seal the cuticles of your hair and actually protect it from breakage and drying. This will guard against split ends and will go a long way in maintaining shine and vitality. • This will also serve as an excellent protective barrier to your hair with exposure to sunlight and swimming pools (regardless of type).

healthy black hairTry at-home strengthening treatments

• Using a few eggs as a DIY hair mask will actually restore protein back to the hair. Similar to keratin, the protein in raw eggs work to strengthen the hair. For normal hair, you can use a whole egg, for oily hair, just use egg whites and for very dry hair, use egg yolks. Apply about ½ cup of the egg mixture to damp hair. Leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse with cool water so you don’t “cook” the egg. • Avocado is great for frizzy hair. It’s natural oils smooth and weigh down the frizzies. Mash ½ an avocado and apply to hair. If you need more moisture, you can mix it with egg yolk or mayonnaise. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse out.

Hair Extensions

• Many women use hair extensions, but using clip on hair extensions is a better option to preserve the health of your hair. They won’t harm the root of your hair by pulling or tugging and will easily blend in. Plus, you can take them off at night and give your hair the rest it needs. Beautiful styles can be created without drying and damaging your own hair with hot styling tools. Braids, twists and buns are popular in the summer and can give your hair that much-needed break. Be careful not to braid your hair too tightly (like cornrows) as those can also damage your hair by pulling and stretching it too tight.


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Posted: Aug 26 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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