Hairstyles for Brides - What Works For You?

Every bride needs to look the best on her wedding day and an essential part of that is having a beautiful hair-do. Here are a few unique hairstyles for brides with longer hair that will complete that magical day!

low sleek chignon wedding hairSleek Chignon

Always a classic, this tightly swept-back hair into a sleek chignon is super elegant and a great way to showcase your features. It will also allow you to wear beautiful statement earrings or a special hair clip that shows off your classic hair style.

wedding ponytail

Loose Wave Pony

Perfect for a beach wedding, this polished bohemian look is effortlessly glamorous. Tied back waves will allow you to enjoy the gentle ocean breeze without having to worry about constantly adjusting your hair from your face. You can also pin a few flowers to the sides to enhance the tropical feel of this hairstyle.

Classic French Twist

french twist wedding hairA windswept and deconstructed texture, this classic French twist has a more softened look for a style that is more graceful and feminine. The stylist actually rough-dried her hair using his hands and fingers, lifting the front for volume and then smoothing out the sides.

Old Hollywood

old hollywood wedding hairNothing offers such pure glamour as does Old Hollywood. Loose curls and hair pulled off to the side opens the face, framing it nicely. It also adds sex appeal by showing off the neck.

Sultry Waves

Another beautiful hairstyle for brides, these gorgeous waves start mid-length and can be achieved by wrapping sections of hair around a 1 ¼ inch barrel curling iron (see Milani Hair Triple Threat). waves wedding hairBe sure to wrap hair outward so that hair is directed away from the face and spray each piece before curling using a light hairspray (Level 1 of Milani Hair Hold it Right There 3 Level Hairspray).  Next, using a boar/nylon paddle brush, brush out the waves for that undone feel with added body. Last, flip head over and shake out the waves with your fingers and lightly spray to set the look. No matter how you choose to style your wedding hair, know that the special glow you will be feeling that day will make you that stand-out bride that you really are.


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Posted: Jul 27 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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