Create Beautiful Updos with Milani Hair Extensions

When you have short or medium-length hair, it can be difficult to create a stylish updo for a fancy event.  With Milani hair extensions, you can have all the hair you need to create a perfectly polished look for any upscale event.  With thick, long hair, there are tons of choices for beautiful updos – here’s how to create a few of our favorites!

Seashell Bun

For this beautiful twisted look, you’ll need to know how to create a fishtail braid.  Starting at one side of your forehead, fishtail your hair so that the braid twists around to the opposite side of your head.  Once you get it below your ear, tie it off into a ponytail with an elastic.  Fishtail the ponytail and tie off the bottom as well.  Once all your hair is braided, twist the ponytail up into a low side bun.  The fishtail braids will create a spiraling seashell effect that looks beautiful and complicated, but really isn’t difficult at all!  If you decide to leave out a few pieces around your face, be sure to curl them gently for a romantic look.

wrapped bun updo hairstyleWrapped Bun

Separate your hair into three sections – one at each side and a thicker one in the back.  Twist the back section into a simple bun and pin it in place.  Now take one of the side sections, twist it gently, and wrap in around the base of the bun, starting at the top.  Do the same with the other side, so that the twisted sections criss-cross at the top of the bun.  This style works best with smooth, shiny hair.

sock bun updoBraided Sock Bun

The sock bun is Pinterest’s favorite hairstyle, and it’s become somewhat ubiquitous.  Try this twist on the style to make yours stand out!  First, create your sock bun by pulling your hair into a ponytail on top of your head and putting the sock or hair doughnut around the ponytail.  Instead of rolling all your hair around the sock, scoot the sock all the way down so that it’s at the very base of the ponytail.  Fan your hair out around the sock and secure with an elastic, so that your sock is only covered by one layer of hair and the rest of your hair sticks out from the elastic at the base.  Create several small braids with the leftover hair (don’t tie them off at the bottom) and then wrap them in different directions around the base of the bun, pinning as you go.  Once you’ve finished, loosen the hair around your head a bit for a softer look. There’s nothing more elegant than a polished updo, and with Milani hair extensions you can twist and pin and braid to your heart’s content, no matter how short your hair is!


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Posted: Jul 26 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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