Milani Hair Extensions Make Having Sexy, Summer Hair Easy!

You’ve got the rocking tan, Marc Jacobs' sunglasses, Motel blake dress and lace-up sandals. Now all you need is the tousled, Bohemian hair to complete your super sensual, summer look. So how do achieve that long hair look when your tresses are shorter than your hemline? I’ve got a three word solution for you, Milani Hair extensions. Whether you want to go with wavy, relaxed summer tresses or sleek crown plaits and braids, Milani Hair extensions can help you achieve the ideal, long hair look for summer. Made with pristine, Remy human hair, the extensions come in 17 colors and assorted lengths. The longest Milani Hair extensions available are 24 inches long, which is perfect for rocking those fetching crown plaits. Worried that you’ll spend hours trying to get your Milani Hair extensions to look the way that you want them to? Don’t be. They can be clipped to your hair in less time than it takes to strap on your lace-up sandals and slide into that form-fitting dress. The clips are also outfitted with a comfortable piece of color-matched, lace trim that doesn’t make your head feel 10 pounds heavier than it should be by the end of the evening. The other wonderful thing about Milani Hair extensions is that they are lightweight yet durable. Thus, you can use your favorite, sulfate-free products to color and style the clip-on hair extensions without fear. How awesome is that? And if you are in need of a new hot styling tool, we can help you out with that too. Our Triple Threat 3-in-1 Ceramic Curling Iron is an absolute dream. The curling iron’s coated barrel provides superior, uniform heat that will have you ready to drop jaws in minutes. Want more information on how Milani Hair extensions can help make you a summer standout? Contact us at 1-949-660-HAIR or visit the Milani Hair Facebook page.


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Posted: Jun 03 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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