Virtual Hairstyles – A Fun Way to Try On Celebrity Hair

When we look at celebrity hairstyles, we often imagine how great it would be to have that style or color, but there’s no way of knowing if it’s the right change for you. How many times have you changed your hair color or style only to find it looks awful on you? Have you had a friend get a great new haircut and wondered what it would look like on you? Now there’s a way to find out with The Hairstyler – a virtual way to “try on” different hair colors and styles without leaving home!

Here’s how it works for celebrity hairstyles:

If you are interested in a certain celebrity, click on their “Celebrities” tab at the top.  There you can search by a specific name, if you want.  Be sure to spell the name correctly – or you can use just the last name. Click on the photo of the celebrity and you’ll be able to see your favorite celebrity in several different hairstyles. Each style has a description of the style, what type of face it works well on (oval, round, etc.), how long it takes to style and step by step instructions on how to achieve that look! Really pretty amazing – you could spend a lot of time just browsing through all the celebrities, but the fun part is seeing how a particular style would look on you.  For this, you will have to sign up – but it’s inexpensive – only $14.95 for 3 months. You’ll want to have someone take a photo of you and follow the directions on how to take the picture. They want to make sure that no hair is showing anywhere around your face. Then upload the photos and select which one to use. In addition to all the hairstyles and colors you can try on, they also have a makeup section, although I don’t think that is as robust as the hairstyles. There is also a free consultation to help you determine what style and color looks good on you. You will have to fill out a comprehensive form to determine your face shape and coloring. Once you’ve decided on that perfect look, you can print it out and take it to your hair stylist or share it on Facebook. We think this is a fabulous way to explore different looks without the time and expense of making a mistake at a salon.  A great stylist probably won’t let you make a mistake, but this is a fun way to be sure. Check out and join in the fun!


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Posted: Jun 03 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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