Considering Hair Extensions? What you need to know about remy hair!

Hair extensions are a hot trend these days. From the most glamorous celebrities to your fashion-savvy girlfriends--they're all going to great lengths for this hot commodity. And what's not to like? You can wait a whole year to grow your natural hair a measly 6 inches...or you can snap on some foot-long locks in just a few minutes! But before you run out and snatch up the first hair extension kit at your corner beauty store, you should know that not all hair extensions are created equal.

Human vs Synthetic

Extensions made from human hair look and feel more natural. Human hair is stronger, and can be cut, colored, permed, styled and treated just like your own natural hair. Synthetic hair is made with polyfilament fibers. Although cheaper than human hair, it cannot be treated with chemicals and can be damaged by the use of hot styling products.

Human Remy Hair - the best kind there is

Now even human hair extensions are not all the same. If you looked under the microscope, you would see that human hair is covered with a layer of scales, much like a shingles on a roof. This is called the cuticle layer. Because the scales are all lined up in one direction--outwards from the root--when the light shines on them they reflect it evenly, for a shiny and lustrous look. To make the best hair extensions, hair is cut from the donor's head in one bunch, just like you would cut a ponytail. This way all the hair strands would have their cuticles facing the same direction. This is called remy hair. It is the strongest, most durable and natural looking hair that you can use for wigs or extensions. On the other hand, non-Remy hair is gathered up from hairbrushes, snippets cut from salons or other sources of hair and mixed up together. Because the cuticle from this hair would be all jumbled up, it would snag and tangle if left as it is. So many manufacturers soak the hair in an acid bath to melt off the cuticle. It is then dipped in a silicone solution to give it shine. However, the silicone eventually wears out with use, leaving the hair weak, brittle and dull. If you're considering hair extensions, know what you're buying--and invest in the best. Milani Hair makes beautiful, easy-to-use hair extensions in a wide variety of colors. And it's all made with natural human remy hair. You will find Milani Hair extensions at these locations.


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Posted: Jun 14 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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