Holiday Hair: 5 Ideas for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with warmth and good food, and when you're hosting the
festivities, the last thing you have time to think about is maintaining your holiday hair. Hey,
you've got recipes and relatives to worry about, and that's quite enough, thank you very
much. So this year, let it be different. Wash the flour and cranberry bits from your face and
gather round – Milani Hair is going to show you how, with a little attention to hair maintenance
and a few styling tricks, any hostess's holiday hair can be just as impressive as her menu –
no basting required.
First off, a note about hair maintenance. All the styling genius in the world won't transform
damaged, angry tangles into envy-inducing hair, so proper hair care is an absolute holiday
hair essential. To start, give dry shampoo a try. Unlike traditional shampoo, it doesn't strip
the hair of natural oils, and that means more manageability. Also remember to use a quality
leave-in conditioner to keep the strands protected and nourished throughout the holidays.
And, now, on with the show...
Casual Holiday Updo. The updo is a winning hairstyle any time of the year. For holiday hair,
though, keep it casual. While pulling the sides back, keep them loose so they hang gently
over the ears. Tie up up the ends with a smart, classy barrette. If you've got enough time
before the first knock at your door, add in a loose braid along the side. It's instant, enviable
Gentle Braids. Keep your hair out of your way and in style with a soft, relaxed braid in the
back. The key word is “relaxed” – it's the difference between looking like you read about the
Mayflower in school and looking like you sailed to America on it. Avoid tight braids – you don't
want additional tension on this day. And besides, if your hair's all tied up, all that work you've
put into hair maintenance will be like a forgotten side dish – unseen and unsavored.
The Side-Swept Ponytail. If braids and updos seem a little too time-consuming given all your
other duties, consider the side-swept ponytail. First, add wide, open curls starting at ear-level.
Shake them out a bit to get a casual look. Then, simply make a loose ponytail and drape it
over the shoulder. Don't forget – choosing a creative and unique hair accessory can make all
the difference in this look. Ditch the standard ponytail holder and opt for something with more
The “Charlotte York.” Sex and the City's Charlotte York had class. It's no wonder she's the inspiration for holiday hair option number four. With New England know-how, she combines a soft side part with waves in this killer look.
Hayek Holiday Hair. Got curly hair? Take a page from Salma Hayek's book with this simple, pulled-back look. By drawing the sides of the hair up to the crown, this look plays up the volume but still keeps things under control.
Even if the turkey is dry, the pies are burnt and the gravy is cold, there will still be one amazing thing to be thankful for: your fabulous hair. Give one of these five holiday hair ideas
a try and keep up the good hair maintenance habits. 'Tis the season to look awesome.


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Posted: Nov 09 2011
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