Celebrity Hair Talk: Are You a Kim, a Kourtney, or a Khloé?

Love them or love to hate them, the Kardashian sisters own Hollywood. From their wildly
popular reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” to their upscale boutique D-A-S-
H, these sisters run Tinseltown. Known for being stylish trendsetters, these ladies are also a
hot topic in celebrity hair talk.
While it might seem like the K-girls live in a glitzy world of their own, their hairstyles are pretty
down-to-earth and easy to accomplish. With a little know-how (and maybe some real hair
extensions), anyone can get the Kardashian look – without the sex-tape scandal or DUI.
The “Kim”
Kim is known for one thing when it comes to celebrity hair talk: her thick and glossy locks,
which she wears down. Her trademark style is perfect for any fashionista on the go because
it's equally appropriate for a business lunch or a cocktail party.
Want to get the “Kim”? After drying your hair, add a mousse designed to add volume and
body. Use a wide-barrel curling iron to add gentle curls in the front, but only from the ear
down. If it seems like the mousse isn't adding enough volume, try clipping in some real hair
extensions. Real hair is the best for lots of reasons, but it really helps you achieve the “Kim”
because it can be hot-styled – just like your own hair.
The “Kourtney”
Kourtney is the oldest of the sisters, and she's certainly the best at staying out of trouble. While Kim's look is super-sexy, Kourtney keeps it classy. She strikes a perfect balance: a perennial celebrity hair talk favorite, she's not quite tabloid cover-girl material. That's by design.
Kourtney rocks the side-part. Avoiding extremes, she often parts her hair in line with the mid-point of her eyebrow. It gives her look a little touch of Old Hollywood magic without looking like an awkward 80's style. This 'do is perfect for responsible, respectable ladies who still
like to have a little fun. Try her soft side part, adding curls a little higher than Kim's. Start just above the brow bone.
The “Khloé”
Admittedly, Khloé is more likely to make Hollywood news because of something she said or did rather than something she wore. Mean celebrity hair talk is the least of Khloé 's worries. All the same, her mane is enviable. Get the “Khloé” now, before it's behind bars.
Khloé's standard look is a little less glam and a little more rock 'n roll. Use real hair extensions to add extra body, and begin those soft, loose curls just below the chin. Don't make them too perfect. Part of Khloé's signature 'do is its carefree, slightly messy appearance. (Let's assume it's on purpose.)
The Kardashian sisters are Hollywood royalty and gossip-columnist favorites, and they certainly keep the celebrity hair talk world buzzing. Give one of their signature looks a try and add some glam, class and/or rock 'n roll to your life. Remember to use real hair extensions to get that full, voluminous look. Just a word of advice, though: stay away from video cameras or the LA highways.


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Posted: Nov 02 2011
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