Why Human Hair Extensions Are This Season's Must-Have

We're just getting into fall, but the fashion world's spring is just around the bend and it's clear already that bold and unique celebrity hair styles are “in” more than ever. From edgy parts to luxurious updos, designers this year aren't cutting any corners when it comes to styling.
The one secret the stylists of the world are keeping hush-hush? Human hair extensionsNot only are stylists using extensions to create the freshest looks of the season, human hair extension are also the key to bringing those daring styles home.
Both celebs and designers have been experimenting with color this season. From “Rihanna Red” to designer Thakoon's blue Marie Antoinette locks, it looks like no color is a fashion taboo this fall. Of course, any hair novice knows that coloring your hair too often can be expensive and damaging – possibly even hazardous to your health. So is it a choice between haute hair and healthy hair? Never.
Human hair extensions can be colored and highlighted. This means you get all the color you want, but without risking long-term damage to your hair or exposing your skin to toxic chemicals. Just color 'em, clip 'em in, and strut with the best of 'em. (Not sure how to put hair extensions in? Check out this guide.)
Color isn't the only upcoming hot trend. The ponytail, as faithful readers know, is making a full-force comeback. That might make you think that fashion lovers with short, cropped hairstyles are about to be left out. This is definitely not the case.
Coming to the rescue again, human hair extensions allow anyone to show off a ponytail that puts Lady Gaga's to shame. Just clip it in, tie it back, and the season's sexiest hair trend is yours to enjoy. Once you learn how to put hair extensions in, it's easy. Even better, since human hair extensions can be straightened and curled, no ponytail permutation is impossible. If you can think it, you can do it. Besides, waiting for your hair to grow in is so 2009.
Designers and stylists might not be talking about them in interviews, but human hair extensions are definitely here – and definitely staying. Use them to add startling, sexy color or a full, trendy ponytail. They're affordable, easy to use and all the rage. If you've never used human hair extensions before, now's the time. (Check out our easy guide to clip in hair extensions to get started.)


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Posted: Oct 27 2011
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