Two Bangin' Bang Hairstyles

Last week, we got all the details on fall 2011's gotta-have-it hairstyle, the ponytail. Whether you choose to rope up your own natural mane or enlist the help of some cool hair extensions, the ponytail is a style no fashionista can afford to ignore this year. But even if you're rockin' the season's favorite 'do in the back, that doesn't mean you can leave your bangs up to chance. Try out these bangin' bang hairstyles and enjoy a full 360 degrees of hair awesomeness.
A+ Angles
Don't worry – this isn't a junior high geometry quiz. Angular bang hairstyles are nothing new, but after years of seeing them on and off the red carpet, these razor-cut styles are still hot and fresh.
Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham is known for one thing, mainly: her dreamy husband. But what Posh has really, really always wanted (and has shown off before) is a great zig-a-zag bang hairstyle. Her look is edgy, but still very polished – even work-appropriate.
For ladies looking for an angular style without Mrs. Beckham's short cut, give Christina Aguilera's old school coif a try. Don't forget – cool hair extensions in the color of your choice will allow you to snap back and forth between the long and short versions of these bang hairstyles.
Blunt Statement
If angles aren't your thing, you can always fall back on classic blunt-bang styles. These
straight-edged, face-framing bangs are a favorite of Top Model mogul Tyra Banks. But with
blunt bang hairstyles, the big decision is up-front length. What's right for you?
While Tyra's bold bangs go down past her brow line (you know how she hates her forehead),
this option is best reserved for fashionistas with long faces. For a less-dramatic approach,
don't forget pop-music pin-up-girl Katy Perry. Katy's bangs aren't quite as straight as Tyra's,
and they end well before the eyebrows.
The blunt bang can easily be paired with last week's hot hairstyle, the ponytail. Jennifer
Hudson struts the red carpet with this matchup often, and it's a classic combination. Do it with your own hair or clip in a few cool hair extensions for a fuller tail.
By experimenting with “Posh” angled bangs and the very Tyra-esque blunted bangs, you're exploring two of the many different ways you can be stylish and chic right up front. These bang hairstyles keep on rockin', season after season and year after year. But don't forget the back. Don't forget your pony. Put 'em together and you've found a combination to rival peanut butter and chocolate.
We're not being facetious. It's a beautful thing.


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Posted: Oct 19 2011
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