New Obsession in Celebrity Hair Talk: The Return of the Chic, Sexy Ponytail

One of this season's hottest topics in celebrity hair talk is – wait for it – the ponytail. Hold on now. That's not a celebrity hairstyle, is it? No self-respecting fashionista, no self-possessed superstar is going to give a plug to that old standby, right? The ponytail has a reputation for being a lowbrow, casual hairstyle. It's usually found mainly at the pool and the grocery store, maybe the jogging trail. And yes – the ponytail isn't traditionally given much respect. But surprisingly, that all seems to be changing now. And why not? When you think about it, the ponytail is a carefree hairdo which goes with jeans and a t-shirt just as well as it does with an evening dress. The ponytail has been around forever, so it's hard to pin down exactly who or what brought it back into the spotlight. Some of the credit has to go to Lady Gaga, who sported her blondest blonde ponytail (almost certainly with the help of clip in hair extensions) at the Grammys earlier this year. When critics pointed out that Madonna “expressed herself” back in the 1980s with a very similar ponytail, Gaga's press team stepped in to remind everyone that girls in Brooklyn were snapping their long tails back and forth way before Madonna made it onto the scene. But no matter who started the trend, Gaga's ponytail was a smash hit in terms of celebrity hair talk. And since it's Gaga who's wearing it, well...Yes. Here in the fall of 2011, the pony tail is no longer just a comfortable, maintenance-free way to wear your hair. It's a bona fide celebrity hairstyle. And we at Milani Hair say “welcome back.” So now, somehow, everything old is new again, and ponytails are suddenly everywhere. Recently, Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger showed off a tail with a twist on the X-Factor red carpet. Not long after, Drew Barrymore popped up on the style radar, pulling off a sleek and sexy tail of her own. Even the princess of celebrity hair talk, Kate Middleton, has been seen sporting a few very royal ponytails of her own beneath the glaring lights of the world stage. Hey, if she can pull it off … Look, what we're saying is this. If the ponytail were a contestant on “Project Runway,” Heidi Klum would be telling it, “You're in.” Whether you choose to wear it to the side, like Diane Kruger, or straight down like Madonna and Gaga, the ponytail is the hair must-do this fall. Best of all, it's a quick style that only requires a few seconds and a simple hair accessory or two. But for ladies who don't have the lengthy locks of a Nicole Scherzinger, all is not lost. Clip in hair extensions can give you the extra boost you need. So ladies, be bold. Tie it up, give it a quick snap back and forth (à la Willow Smith), and show it off. It's good to be you.


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Posted: Oct 13 2011
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