Deck the Halls with Too Much Vodka: Holiday Hangover Hair

The grease makeup and sexy pirate costumes of Halloween are now a few weeks in the past, but that doesn't mean that the season of scary holiday hair is over. From celebrity hair talk glitterati to your average soccer mom, many people find ample opportunity during Thanksgiving and Christmas to shock and frighten with hair that surely puts them on Santa's “naughty” list. Everyone's been there: a few too many glasses of punch at the office Christmas party and the next day is full of split ends and Scüncis. Before popping on the black sunglasses and downing a gallon of Gatorade, check out the following holiday hair tragedies. These are just a few looks which should be avoided at all costs. As the angel said to Mary, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.” I've-Lost-My-Faith Hill. The country music world doesn't usually feature prominently in celebrity hair talk, but this holiday hair mistake by Faith Hill cannot be overlooked. She may be singing “Joy to the World,” but her reindeer hoof-shaped coif brings nothing but misery. Let's hope the music is better than the cover art. You Want to Put A Wreath Where?! Paris Hilton is known for many things. Making good choices is not one of those things. Why should Christmas be any different? In this look from the millionaire heiress, she sports a wreath atop her trademark blonde locks. O Christmas Hair, O Christmas Hair. Inventive weave is a year-long endeavor for many brave souls. Behold the holiday hair style that will put everyone in the mood for a glass (or six) of egg nog: the Christmas-tree weave. This clever lady is a one-woman mobile Christmas party. Her Hair Is Two Sizes Too Big. Holiday hair accidents are not the exclusive province of the living. Fictional characters can join in, too. Cindy Lou Who, from Dr. Seuss's famous “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,” is an excellent example. Apparently, The Cat in the Hat is her hairdresser. The holidays are a time for friends, family and a schedule full of parties. But the seasonal hubbub is no excuse to phone it in this year when it comes to your hair. Avoid the looks you've seen here and check out last week's post for some quick, stylish and easy holiday hair ideas.


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Posted: Nov 16 2011
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