Hair-dos and Don’ts: Celebrity Hair Styles Edition

What would we do without celebrities? Besides providing us with the fodder that fuels our gossip addictions, celebrities also influence the popular fashion trends of the day. A celebrity hair stylist makes big money, so you’d think celebrity hair would be in a constant state of perfection. That, of course, is often the case. However, sometimes celebrities are left to their own devices when it comes to their ‘dos, and that makes for some good entertainment. When celebrity hair styles are in check, we can learn a lot from those perfectly coiffed manes. That’s where the “hair-dos” come from –  the days when celebrity hair stylists are on point. But what happens when those same stylists take a vacation? Well, let’s just say hat sales in the greater Los Angeles area increase dramatically. Do: Change it up often.  Variety is the spice of life, and celebrities like Kim Kardashian know this. Kimmy K’s celebrity hair styles seem to change daily, which is one of the reasons she remains relevant as an icon of fashion (it definitely isn’t her appearance on “Dancing With the Stars”). She regularly rotates between luxurious straight locks, cute curls and even dreadlocks on occasion! Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but the lady knows how to mix it up, which is a definite do. Do: Incorporate real hair extensions. How do you think celebrity hair stylists enable stars to rock so many different looks? With real hair extensions, of course! Being able to go between short, medium and long hair is a big asset in the film industry. If you want to emulate all of the celebrity hair styles you see in the magazines, then get yourself some Milani real hair extensions. Don’t: Emulate tween stars. Ben Affleck caused a ruckus in the Hollywood gossip mill last week when he decided to sport long Justin Beiber-esque bangs instead of his usual “dude” cut. When celebrities fear irrelevance, they will sometimes try to copy haircuts worn by people much younger than themselves. Do yourself a favor and choose a hairstyle that is age-appropriate. We don’t see Betty White walking the red carpet with shoulder length red hair for a good reason: it looks ridiculous. Definitely a hairdon’t. Don’t: Go too drastic. Recently, pop diva Katy Perry opted for a new look. Usually, this is fine, but she decided to do a complete 360. Up till now, her celebrity hair styles always included bangs, voluminous curly locks and dark, mysterious color. This was Katy’s signature look, and it was really looking good. Now she's combing her newly blonde hair straight back. If you're going for a new look, change your hair gradually, or your friends might not recognize you. Celebrity hair stylists work hard to ensure we have something to talk about at the water cooler. Thanks to them, we have a never-ending supply of awe-inspiring hairdos, as well as some laughable ones.


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Posted: Aug 12 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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