The Lowdown: 5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Real Hair Extensions

Celebrity hair always seems to look better than great, but here's something to keep in mind: when we see a celebrity on TV, in a movie, in a photograph or just about anywhere, we're almost always seeing the work of a world-class hairstylist. They don't wake up every morning with fabulous hair, these celebrities. All the cars, cash and fancy homes aside, celebs are real people, and they all have bad hair days, just like we do. They've got some secrets, though. Many celebs wear real hair extensions for quick and easy options. And for celebrities with short, thin or brittle hair, real hair extensions are definitely the way to go. Check out 5 celebrities who wear long, luxurious extensions. 1. Cameron Diaz. You may know her as the title character from “There’s Something About Mary” or from her dozens of other starring roles. But in every film, Cameron’s hair looks amazing. She made the jump from short to long recently when she opted for dark and mysterious real hair extensions. Lookin’ good, Cam! 2. Lindsay Lohan. This young starlet has been stirring controversy in recent months due to her trouble with the law and her various stints in rehabilitation centers. Amid all this hullabaloo, it’s hard to focus on how great Lilo’s hair always looks. Despite the stress this poor girl probably goes through, she always makes sure her ‘do is looking good with real hair extensions.   3. Mischa Barton. It’s been years since we’ve seen Mischa on the O.C. flaunting those long and flowing dirty-blonde locks. But recently she’s returned to her origins with the help of some real hair extensions (and not a little bit of fantastic advice). Now she's once again flirting with the style that made her so popular on MTV. Hey, if a look works, go with it! 4. Hilary Duff. One of the biggest stars to explode out of the Disney Channel scene, Ms. Duff knows the importance of keeping her image fresh and perpetually in style. Hilary’s curly locks are always in check thanks to her stylist – and her real hair extensions. 5. Beyoncé. Everyone’s favorite musical diva regularly changes up her hairstyles, but whether she's wearing it straight or in a curly Afro, Beyoncé's hair always looks amazing. Sometimes she straightens it for a sleek and smooth appearance, a touch of real Hollywood glamour. When she rocks that look, save at least some of your applause for her real hair extensions, because Beyoncé wears them often. It's part of how she's able to achieve such dramatically different styles. Celebrity hair styles often need a shot in the arm, and real hair extensions are the best, quickest and easiest way to mix it up. If you’ve ever wanted to dabble with extensions, check out Milani today, and you too can be a star. No one has to know about your bad hair days. We won't tell. Promise.


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Posted: Aug 03 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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