Celebrity Hair Stylist Ted Gibson’s 4 Tips for Short Hair

There’s nothing better than receiving styling tips from a celebrity hair stylist – especially if that stylist is Ted Gibson, a man who's renowned for working with huge stars including Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger, Keira Knightly and Anne Hathaway. Mr. Gibson has a few tips for people who are thinking about trying out a short hairstyle or for those who've already taken the dive but may be unsure about the results. Read on to see what Ted has to say about celebrities with short hair, as well as which face shapes work best with shorter hair styles. 1. If you have a square jaw, Gibson suggests a soft, textured bob. For example, to complement the shape of Brooklyn Decker’s face, he took her strong jaw line into account. “For her, I created graduated layers and made the cut a little longer in the front,” he says. So what's the takeaway? It's that celebrities with short hair and square jaws should make sure the hair in the front falls below their jaw so that the eye isn't drawn to that part of the face. That goes for the rest of us too! 2. For high foreheads, or “fiveheads” as a celebrity hair stylist may call them, try a pixie cut with long bangs. “Bangs work well with this face type,” Gibson says, “but the hair doesn't have to be cut straight across.” Rihanna’s side-swept, angled fringe is a great example of this technique. If you've got a large noggin, chances are it'll work for you as well. 3. Celebrities with short hair may regret their choice if they have a heart-shaped face. “If you've got a heart-shaped face, I don’t think you should go any shorter than the chin,” Gibson says. Instead, take a cue from Reese Witherspoon’s new ‘do. It's a long, straight bob that's cut at the shoulders, with soft, elegantly disheveled bangs pushed to one side. 4. Round faces, Gibson says, are complemented by sleek and angular short cuts. “A rounder face tends to have less of a clear shape to it. Straight hair will seem to lengthen the face, while angles in the haircut will add shape and symmetry.” His advice? Consider an asymmetrical bob or a pixie cut with longer bangs. If there’s one thing Ted Gibson knows, it’s which styles work best for celebrities with short hair. Take these four tips – straight from the mouth of a world-famous celebrity hair stylist – and experiment with your own hair to find that one perfect style that really complements your face. Enjoy the great results! (And thanks Ted!)


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Posted: Aug 19 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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