5 Weirdest Celebrity Hair Styles

Most of the time, our favorite celebs have awesome celebrity hair styles – after all, the stars have entire teams of people dedicated to making sure each strand is in check. However, sometimes stars have a huge slip-up, leading to countless “what were they thinking?” articles. While everyone is guilty of a mistake from time to time, the average person doesn't have a camera crew watching their every move. Next time you have a bad hair day, remember some of these celebrity hair styles and you'll be able to rest easy:
  • Scarlett Johannson's Punk Hairstyles. Back in 2003, gorgeous actress ScarJo decided to chop off her show-stopping hair into...a mullet? We typically adore Scarlett's gorgeous hair (no matter what color it happens to be this week), but we couldn't get behind her mullet – even if it was a party in the back.
  • Christina Aguilera's Blonde Bob. Christina has had many different hairstyles over the years, but her blonde bob back in 2004 was hard to like. Her overly-set curls reminded us of afternoons spent at Mom's hair salon, waiting for her to finish up under the dryer. No thanks, Christina! We'll stick to your normal celebrity hair styles.
  • Lady Gaga's Hair. Just in General. Lady Gaga's hair really is so bad it's good most of the time. From Crayola-colored streaks to strangely architectural styles, Lady Gaga is all over the board when it comes to her hair. In fact, her style is starting to take a toll on her natural hair – turns out her bleach-blonde hair isn't natural!
  • Kelly Osborne's Madonna Hair. Kelly Osborne is known for her weird punk hairstyles, so nothing about her hair should shock us, right? That was before she pulled out a totally normal, everyday style...for the 80s. The weirdest part about her style is how almost-normal it is.
  • Jennifer Lopez's Poodle 'Do. While J.Lo typically walks the line between classic and trendy, this poodle hairstyle was neither. We could tell she wanted to channel the 1960s. She decided to be a caricature instead.
Most celebrity hair styles hit the mark – but sometimes, an otherwise gorgeous and classic Hollywood lady finds herself on the wrong end of a bad hairdo. From punk hairstyles to crazy curls, these celebrities' bad hair days will go down in history as some of the craziest celeb styles.


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Posted: May 23 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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