Celebrity Hair Talk: Tyra Banks

If you've ever watched an episode of “America's Next Top Model,” you know that Tyra Banks has spawned tons of celebrity hair talk because of her great looks and coolhairextensions. If you want to channel Tyra, try capturing one of her amazing hairstyles:
  • Go big or go home. Tyra is known for her huge and voluminous hairstyles. She uses cool hair extensions to add volume and length to her hair, then curls it for a romantic look that sparks lots of celebrity hair talk. The trick to getting this look is getting a great deal of volume, both on top of your head and on the sides. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, then add clip-in hair extensions if you need even more volume.
  • Sleek and long. One of Tyra's favorite hairstyles is also fairly easy to do. She loves parting her hair in the center and then straightening it until it's pin-straight and shiny. She makes the look more interesting by adding in red or blonde highlights. If you're trying to capture Tyra's style, try using cool hair extensions to add some dimension and interest to an otherwise bland hairstyle.
  • Long, loose waves. Another trademark Tyra look that always garners tons of attention and celebrityhairtalk is her long waves. Tyra likes this look for the red carpet, since it's glamorous but still approachable. You can get gentle waves by doing pin curls overnight or using a curling iron in the morning. Loosen up your waves by brushing through them with your fingers, then gently spraying with hairspray.
  • Try bangs. Although she didn't start the trend, Tyra certainly got on board with bangs quickly. They frame her heart-shaped face nicely, emphasizing her cheekbones and dainty chin. Tyra styles her bangs so that they're long and straight. Get Tyra's bangs by asking your stylist to cut them just below the eyebrow – you want your eyes to be visible, but you want the slightly overgrown look.
Tyra has great style no matter what her hair looks like. She's got tons of confidence, whether she's trying a fun new style or putting her twist on an old classic.


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Posted: May 18 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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