3 Ways to Take Care of Real Hair Extensions While Swimming

Summer is in full swing, and that means pool parties, barbeques, road trips to the beach and cool hair extensions from Milani Hair for all your summer fun. But if you want your real hair extensions to last, you should follow some tips to ensure a long, healthy life for your super-sexy locks. Whether you're chillin' poolside or catching waves at the beach, here are 3 easy ways to care for your real hair extensions. 1. Take ‘Em Out. Chemicals in pools, like chlorine, can damage your real hair extensions. Thankfully, Milani’s clip in hair extension pieces take mere minutes to attach and detach. Simply take them out before you go swimming. This prevents contact with harmful chemicals that will dry out real hair extensions. When you’re done at the pool, clip them back in and you’re instantly ready for a night on the town. No need to worry about tangled locks or dry, damaged post-pool hair. 2. The Sun: Friend or Foe? Sure, our friend the sun can help you achieve a gorgeous bronze tan while swimming, but prolonged exposure can also damage your real hair extensions. During the summer months, be sure to wash your hair with a shampoo that boasts a hair-saving SPF rating. Yes, the same stuff that’s in sunscreen will help protect your clip in hair extension pieces from dangerous ultraviolet rays that can leave your tresses feeling dry, damaged and brittle. 3. Beware of the Beach. Beaches can be some of the dirtiest, grimiest places on Earth – and we’re not just talking about the shores of Jersey. All beaches pose a substantial threat to your real hair extensions. Sand and ocean debris will accumulate in your hair, causing a foul odor over time. You may not even notice until it's too late. Why deal with all this hair drama? Take out your clip in hair extension pieces by Milani and avoid the hassle entirely. Since they take only a couple minutes to detach, leave them in the beach house and your hair extensions will be looking gorgeous all summer long. To whichever body of water your summer plans lead you, remember these tips for your real hair extensions. Life can be a son of a ‘beach’ sometimes, but with Milani Hair, you’re sure to catch that sexy surfer or masculine merman this summer.


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Posted: Jun 21 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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