Celebrity Hair Talk: Lady Gaga

One of our favorite celebrities with long hair (and the fodder of dozens of celebrity hair talk articles) is Lady Gaga. Although she recently hacked off her hair in a move that sent the Internet into a tizzy of celebrity hair talk, you have to admit that she's got fabulous tresses and a signature style that has even Jennifer Aniston beat. Although you're not likely to walk out the door with freshly-dyed platinum blonde hair, you can capture some of Lady Gaga's style by imitating some of her celebrity hair styles, including:
  • The Hair Bow. Lady Gaga certainly loves a good pun, as evidenced by her signature “hair bow” - a bow literally made of human hair. Many stores are now selling clip-in bows, but you can get your own hair into this style with patience and lots of hairspray.
  • Retro curls. To achieve this retro-inspired look, pull out your mama's hot rollers and get going. Lady Gaga likes her curls big and bouncy. To truly capture the Gaga look, part your hair way over on the side and focus on getting volume. A good shampoo that adds volume and some mousse go a long way.
  • A splash of color. From baby pink to Crayola yellow, Lady Gaga is known for incorporating wild colors into her hair. If you're not ready to go all the way and commit to blue streaks, purchase some clip in hair extensions in blonde and dye them in your color of choice. That way, you can have Gaga on the go – just clip in and walk out.
  • Pin straight (with a side of bangs). Another classic style that's a favorite of celebrities with long hair is completely pin straight hair. Lady Gaga likes to take this style to the edge by incorporating blunt bangs (and obnoxiously large sunglasses – don't forget those).
  • Incorporate stuff. Lady Gaga is certainly a fan of “stuff” - from origami boxes to stuffed Kermit dolls, she's willing to treat almost anything as a hair accessory. Your only limit here is your creativity – and your willingness to leave the house with a lampshade glued to your scalp.
Celebrities with long hair come and go, but Lady Gaga is most certainly here to stay. From her bizarre outfits to her fantastic hair styles, she's made a name for herself in the world of celebrity hair talk. So grab your false eyelashes, clip in some colorful hair extensions and go show the world your poker face.


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Posted: Apr 15 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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