Date Night Celebrity Hair Styles (That You Can Do Yourself)

When it comes to looking fabulous, celebrity hair styles are certainly the way to go. Their glamor and sophistication are perfect for when you want to look fabulous. Unfortunately, you probably don't have your own celebrity hair stylist on retainer to help you create these glam looks. However, you can get chic celebrity hair styles at home with some practice. Next time you're going on a date with your honey, why not try one of these fantastic (and easy) celebrity hair styles:
  • 1950s hairstyles - Take a page from your favorite celebs and amp up the glamor with 1950s hairstyles. Don't worry about recreating these styles curl for curl. The trick to getting retro-inspired hair is to focus on the basics: volume, body and shine all play a part in 1950s hairstyles.
  • Go for volume - Date night hair styles allow you to take a departure from the everyday and go with something a little more romantic. Add some volume with clip in hair extensions and some backcombing. You'll be out the door in seconds, but you'll still have style to spare. Celebs like Hilary Duff and the Kardashians use hair extensions to add fullness and length to their everyday celebrity hair styles.
  • Add some interest - You can take your hair from work to play by adding a few little touches. A small French braid can frame your face and make your hair a little more interesting, or you can toss in some sparkly bobby pins for a new look. Anne Hathaway, Jenifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore have all been spotted with braided hair styles.
  • Smooth it out - Grab some smoothing serum and your straightening iron for slick and stylish locks. Straight, long hair is a perennial celebrity favorite, so you'll be sure to capture some celeb style by going straight and shiny.
  • Pin it up - A half up, half down hair style is flattering to all face shapes and can give you celeb style in seconds. Use your eyebrows as a guide to help you determine how much hair to pull up. You can leave the rest of your hair straight or curly, depending on the look you're going for. This is one of Angelina Jolie's favorite celebrity hairstyles.
Next time you have a date night, create some romance with a flirty celebrity hair style. From retro glam to smooth and straight, it's easy to capture star quality – without hiring a stylist.


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Posted: Apr 14 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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