Too Cool For School - 5 Cute Easy Hairstyles for School: Part 1

If you're looking for cute easy hairstyles for school, look no further. Getting ready for school doesn't have to take hours in front of the mirror – you can often achieve cute easy hairstyles for school in minutes. Next time you're trying to be too cool for school, try one of these styling tricks: 1. Perfect the messy bun. Just step away from the typical boring ponytail. A messy bun is one of those cute easy hairstyles for school that you can pull off in minutes. The trick to pulling off a messy bun is messy hair – so skip the shower. Pull your hair into a ponytail high on the crown of your head, then twist your hair around the elastic and pin into place with bobby pins. This hides the hair elastic and looks a lot more chic than a ponytail. 2. There are no small parts. You'd be amazed at how parting your hair differently can give you an entirely new look. If you're in a rush for school, try parting your hair slightly differently – move it from the center to the side, or make a side part deeper. Style your hair as normal, then be amazed at all the compliments you'll get, just from moving your part. 3. Bobby pins are your friend. When you need to get ready in seconds, reach for bobby pins. You can accomplish so many styles with simple bobby pins. Try twisting the front part of your hair away from your face on either side, then securing with a bobby pin “x.” This is a fun retro look you can do in seconds. 4. Try simple bang hairstyles. Doing something different with your bangs can give you whole new bang hairstyles. Try braiding your bangs back into your hair or styling them to the side for bang hairstyles you can do quickly. 5. Go asymmetrical. Show off your geometry skills with an asymmetrical hairstyle. Moving your typical bun or ponytail to the side of your head gives you a whole new look with very little effort. Getting ready for school doesn't have to be a huge hassle. These cute easy hairstyles for school can be done in minutes, leaving you more time for studying (or, let's be honest, sleeping). Next time you're in a rush, try one of these hairstyles for style in seconds.


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Posted: Apr 19 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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