Celebrities Love Milani Hair

When the rich and famous are looking for fabulous celebrity hair extensions, they look no further than Milani Hair. Celebrities from Christina Milian to Mischa Barton adore the full look and length they get from Milani's natural hair extensions. Here are just a few of the celebs who love Milani Hair:
  • Kathy Hilton. Her lovely gold locks get even fuller when she uses celebrity hair extensions. Kathy is a fan of Milani Hair because it boosts her volume – simply and easily!
  • Amy Paffrath. When this E! News host realized that continual styling was damaging her hair, she turned to Milani Hair to give her long, full hair without the cost and damage of glue-in extensions. She loves that they are natural hair extensions, saying, “These extensions make my hair look big and beautiful and helps hold the style throughout my long days of shooting.”
  • Mischa Barton. This Hollywood hottie believes in the power of celebrity hair extensions. Milani Hair gives her already lush hair more length and adds subtle highlights for that sun-kissed look.
  • Jeannie Mai. Celebrity hair extensions never looked so good! Jeannie Mai, host of Style Network show How Do I Look?, loves Milani's natural hair extensions, saying, “I actually get sad when I have to take them out!” She also raves about how real they look, saying, “Milani Hair has completely made me believe I have naturally full, luscious, shiny hair.”
  • Sofia Milos. Curly-haired Sofia Milos loves these natural hair extensions. Because they're made from human hair, she can curl and style them to match her own hair without worrying that they'll be destroyed. Her lovely tresses are enhanced with Milani Hair, keeping it full and fantastic.
  • Shar Jackson. As an actress and Celebrity Fit Club star, Shar needs to have gorgeous hair. She fulfills her need for gorgeous hair by using Milani Hair. She even says, “Whenever I need to feel extra sexy I just clip them in and go. Length and fullness in a snap…literally!”
Celebrities can't get enough of Milani Hair. These celebrity hair extensions are made from 100% organic human hair, so they can take the heat and pressure of the continual styling that comes along with being an actress or singer. If you're looking to capture the look of the rich and famous, turn to Milani Hair for your celebrity hair extensions.


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Posted: Feb 21 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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