How to Dye Clip in Hair Extensions

You’ve purchased a set of Milani Hair real hair extensions to achieve the full-bodied style you’ve always wanted. What if the color doesn’t quite match your own? Follow this handy guide to dying your new clip in real hair extensions and no one will know your secret to a great look.
  • What to know before you color. Milani Hair clip in hair extensions are made from real hair and so can be colored as you would your own hair. Fake hair extensions are often made of nylon and can’t be colored. If you haven’t purchased hair extensions yet, avoid over-processing by buying virgin hair, which is hair that has not yet been dyed.
  • Always test first. After you’ve purchased a kit in the desired color, do a strand test on both your own hair and the real hair extensions. Hold back one clip of the real hair extensions to compare the color change later. Then, spread the real hair extensions out on an old towel or a sheet of aluminum foil. Use an old toothbrush, and paint the color into the hair on both sides. If the real hair extensions have any curl or wave, straightening the hair beforehand should make this process easier.
  • Keep a close eye on the coloring process. After about ten minutes or the length of time indicated in your strand test, compare the real hair extensions to the original color of the clip you held back. Once the real hair extensions are to the desired color, rinse according to the hair color product’s instructions. You may need to follow up with conditioner and shouldn’t shampoo the extensions for at least 24 hours. After the color has set, you can follow your normal hair care routine.
Milani Hair clip in real hair extensions can last at least a year with proper hair care and, because they’re made from real human hair, can change with you and your hair style needs.


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Posted: Feb 10 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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