Hair Dos of the Oscars

This time of the year is a big one when it comes to celebrity hair talk. There were certainly a lot of hair dos and hair don'ts at this year's Academy Awards Ceremonies. The big winner of the year when it came to hair was up-dos. They were a huge hit on the red carpet for celebrities with long hair. Here are our favorite celebrity hair styles from the red carpet this year:

Anne Hathaway - So what if she was no Billy Crystal when it came to hosting the Academy Awards? Anne's style stole the show as one of the most elegant celebrities with long hair. She rocked a variety of beautiful celebrity hair styles from long wavy hair to an elegant up-do. Both styles accompanied a plethora of gorgeous dresses as well as a signature tailored tuxedo.

Mandy Moore - Yet another actress who is one of the most beautiful celebrities with long hair, Mandy Moore owned the red carpet with her elegant up-do. She may star in the movie Tangled but her hair is anything but. This was the perfect hairstyle to show off those dazzling diamond earrings.

Melissa Leo - Not only did Melissa win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for her amazing performance in The Fighter, but she also wins our award for one of the best hairstyles of the night. Makes up for the unscripted f-bomb that slipped out during her acceptance speech, doesn't it?

Reese Witherspoon Recently engaged Reese Witherspoon went mod retro chic with this teased-up ponytail. Her beautiful blonde locks made this an adorable, playful look that matched her personality, as well as her classic Armani gown.


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Posted: Mar 01 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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