Sewn-in vs. Clip In Extensions - Are You Looking For a Commitment, or A Little Fun?

If you want instantly longer and fuller hair, you may think that you have to get expensive sewn-in extensions. Thankfully, there’s a less expensive, simpler option. Milani clip in hair extensions offer an affordable, great looking alternative to sewn-in extensions. Sewn In Extensions In order to get real looking human hair extensions, an expensive trip to the salon is usually in order.  The hair has to be hand sewn into your natural hair, taking hours and usually costing several hundred dollars (not including the cost of the hair). When they’re done correctly, they can look great, but when they’re not done correctly, they look terrible and you’re stuck with the results for months. Clip In Extensions Clip in extensions used to be the cheap and tacky alternative to sewn-in extensions and never ended up looking natural at all. The great news is that clip in hair extensions have come a long way over the years and are no longer the fake and tacky looking alternative they were once perceived to be. Leyla Milani, of Deal or No Deal fame, has come up with the solution to this dilemma. Using only the highest quality 100% human Remy hair, Milani Hair is easy-to-use clip in hair that looks and feel like your own. Now you don’t have to be stuck with an extension style for months at a time – you can change them whenever you want to. These extensions are easy to install and remove, unlike the salon method. All you have to do is make a part in your hair, tease the roots near the part and clip in the Milani hair. Once you let your own hair fall over the extension, you’ll have model hair. That’s it. No commitment for months, no waiting at the salon and no thousand dollar charge at the salon. The best part of using these clip in hair extensions is that you can change your look whenever you want.


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