Paris Hilton’s Clip In Hair Extension Lawsuit

Executives at Hairtech International, Inc. must be pretty upset -- a judge just forced the company to drop a number of claims against Paris Hilton, who Hairtech was suing for millions of dollars. The firm claims that Hilton signed on to promote the Dream Catchers cheap clip in hair extensions back in 2007, but failed to hold up her end of the bargain. Hairtech executives claim that Hilton broke the terms of their deal when she wore another brand's clip in hair extension kit and missed the company's 2007 launch party (due to her being jailed for driving with a suspended license while on probation for a previous drunk driving incident). Superior Court Judge Gregory Alarcon ruled that the clip in hair extension company failed to substantiate several of the allegations it made in its lawsuit. As a result, Hilton's father was removed from the lawsuit entirely, as were allegations of fraud and statements suggesting that Hilton wore a competitor's clip in hair extension kit. However, Hairtech is still able to go after the heiress for missing the launch party. However, Hilton has a few claims of her own -- and has filed a $1.7 million counter-suit, which alleges that Hairtech failed to make guaranteed payments. If she wins, she'll have enough money to buy 42,500 sets of cheap clip in hair extensions. The trial is slated to start in November of 2011, assuming the two parties don't settle out of court first. Do you think Hilton deserves the $1.7 million, or do you think Hairtech's in the right on this one? Have you ever tried Hairtech's line of super cheap clip in hair extensions? If so, let us know what you thought of them in the comments below!


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