The Hair DON’T of the Day

This is a new feature that we're going to run on a regular basis -- we'll have some Hair Do's, too (but let's be honest, aren't the Hair Don'ts more fun, anyway?). Our first Hair Don't involves one of our favorite singers, Rhianna. Let's get to it, shall we? The hair crime: Rihanna is in Barbados celebrating the holidays with her family, and she hit the beach the other day while sporting some rather unfortunate looking hair. Girl, you've got millions -- it's time to step up your hair game! We know you've got style, why not show it? It looks like she's been standing outside in the rain without an umbrella (ella, ella), and that color isn't doing her any favors. She's looking over her shoulder like Ronald McDonald is going to creep up behind her at any second and snatch his signature shade of red back. Not hot! The hair fix: Red hair extensions in that shade are really hard to come by (understandably), but she could've toned down the AHHHH! RED HAIR! color by adding a clip in hair extension set in a more natural shade. This would make it look like she has red highlights, instead of allover garish red. Of course, she could always shave her head -- sister looks uber cute with short hair anyway.


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    Posted by johnny on March 20, 2014

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Posted: Dec 28 2010
by: Duck & Cover

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