3 Cute Messy Buns to Master

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Soft, feminine, and the perfect daytime chic look – here are 3 cute messy buns to master!







Clipping in your Hair Extensions

The easiest way to wear a bun with hair extensions, is by using the 1 and 2 clip wefts. Find the height of wear you want your bun and then section it off so you can clip in your extensions just below that level at the back of your head. Taking two of the 2-clip wefts, place them on top of each other. Next, create an additional section above to place your 1-clip wefts. Last, the final section will be the highest and you will place another 2-clip weft here. Once all the extensions are in, you are ready to go!


Bun #1


Lightly tossle your hair back up into a ponytail and pull out pieces near the front of your face to frame it, and for a messier look. Now, tie your hair in the ponytail with an elastic, but on the 3rd wrap pull your ponytail only half-way through to create a big loop. Go through at the root of your hair and gently pull on pieces to ensure your ponytail is not too tight. Now with the remaining hair wrap it around to create your bun and simply tuck the ends into the elastic.


Bun #2


Gather your hair into a low ponytail this time (still wearing your Leyla Milani Hair Extenstions), and using your hair elastic and create 1 loop (instead of 3). Bring the remaining pieces of hair OVER the loop and secure in place. This low bun look has a cute 90s grunge vibe!


Bun #3


Flip your head over to get more height when gathering your hair for this bun. Now, taking the ends of your hair, begin twisting them around and wrapping them around your high bun. Finally, secure with an elastic band and gently pull on the side of your hair for a messier look.


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Posted: Jun 06 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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