Easy Travel Hairstyles

woman with hair in a bun wearing a jacket

Travelling is such a fun time to experiment with fresh hairstyles! Here are great looks that blend well with daily explorations and versatile chic-to-boho style photos. They’re super easy to create, here’s how to get ‘em:


Simple Top-Knot


Section a small piece of hair at the crown of your head and brush out any tangles and bumps (use the end of your Big Tease comb to make an even part. Flip this section of hair forward and clip in 2, one-clip wefts backwards (the hair extensions will give your bun extra oomph and dimension!). Now, flip your hair back. Tie this section of hair off with a clear elastic. To create the top-knot portion, wrap your ponytail around the base and pin it in place with bobby pins.


Optional: clip in additional hair extensions to the remainder of your hair for added volume and length! Leave the remainder of your hair down.


Braided Bun


Clip in a few wefts of your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions for this style. Now, place all your hair into a mid-low ponytail. Pull your hair gently at the top to slightly loosen. Braid your ponytail into a regular 3-strand braid. Tie off the end with a hair elastic. Gently pull on the sides of the braid for more volume if desired. Wrap your braid around itself to create a bun at the back of your head. Finish with a light coat of hairspray!


Boho Style Flower Bun


Section off a small piece of hair towards the front of your head, roughly a few inches wide. If your hair isn’t that thick, feel free to add a 1-clip hair extension weft to this area (simply split this section in half and clip in the direction that the braid will be going). Now, do a 3-strand braid in the direction towards the back of your head. Hold the bottom in place with a bobby pin for now. Complete the same braid on the opposite side of your head. Then, gather both braids and secure them together with a clear hair elastic at the back of your head. Taking this new section, create one final 3-strand braid. Last, wrap this braid around itself to create a “flower bun”. Bobby pin to secure!


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Posted: Apr 24 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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