Twisted Back Hairstyle

Sandra Bullock with twisted back hair

 This hairstyle is simple and easy to do while looking effortlessly chic!


All you need:




  • First, brush your hair through to make sure there are no tangles. And, if you have shorter hair, this is a great style to use your clip-in extensions with – so clip ‘em in!
  • Optional: separate your bangs from the side portion of your hair OR work them into your hair twist.
  • Start working with a few inches-wide side portion of your hair, split it into two pieces and start twisting them together while pulling them to the back of your head. *It’s important to make sure you are pulling your hair back the same time you are twisting, otherwise you will have a bulge at the side of your head. Also, if you are wearing hair extensions, it’s important to make sure that the clip portions aren’t showing!
  • Continue twisting your hair almost all the way to the end and then using your gator clip, secure the bottom of your twisted hair and let it fall for now. Next, do the exact same thing on the opposite side of your head.
  • Once you are finished, remove the clips and bring the two twists together. Then, take a hair elastic and secure the two twists in a ponytail.
  • The next step is to pull every twist into a nice, looser twist. Start with one section first and slowly grab one section at a time and pull very carefully (especially if you have layers) so that you don’t pull the entire section together. Check it in the mirror and re-adjust it if you need to. Do the same thing on the opposite side. Once everything looks similar on both sides, the hairstyle is finished!


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Posted: Jun 22 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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