Secrets to Long Hair

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Long, luscious hair is a powerful symbol of health and beauty for a woman. Many desire that length, but not everyone has an easy time getting there! Thankfully, there are many tips and tricks to get your locks to that desired length! Here are some helpful secrets to having long hair:


Routine Hair Cuts

  • By getting your hair trimmed on the regular, you are reducing the frizz and split ends that develop over time. Not only will your hair be look and feel healthier, but you are preventing the split ends from progressing, saving you form a more drastic chop later on.


Healthy Scalp

  • By nourishing your scalp giving it the nutrients it needs, you are creating an environment for better hair growth, elasticity, and shine. The Leyla Milani Hair “Rescue Me Hair Mask” does just the trick when it comes to providing that additional nourishment and protection while also rebuilding the hair’s strength. It’s also a great idea to massage your scalp for a few minutes in the shower each time you wash your hair. This works to increase blood flow to the area acting to speed hair growth and develop luscious strands.


Hair Extensions

  • This is the most obvious secret to long hair but only if done right! You’ll want to go for high quality clip-in extensions that won’t damage your own hair, while lengthening your hair’s own natural beauty. Leyla Milani Hair Extensions offer the most superior quality if 100% Remy Natural Human Hair.


Create Volume

  • A boost of volume to your locks does wonders for creating that long voluminous look. When blow-drying your hair be sure to dry the crown section first, lifting upward as you angle the nozzle at the root. Let set by clipping on to large barrel rollers. For additional volume, sprinkle the Leyla Milani Hair Big Hair Don’t Care Powder onto your roots after styling and throughout the day for maintenance.


Silk Pillowcases

  • Prevent split ends where you spend a big chunk of your day – in bed! By tossing and turning your locks can absorb friction against the pillow producing breakage. Invest in a silk pillowcase to prevent this, you’ll notice a big difference!


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Posted: Dec 08 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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