Transitional Holiday Hair Ideas

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Whether you’re going to a holiday party, family gathering, or outing with friends—here are 3 quick holiday hair ideas to get you ready! What’s great about these are they are easily transitioned from morning to night and can be suited to just about any occasion.




Twisted Bangs & Loose Curls

  • Grab a section from the back of your hair, brush, spray and tease! Do this to the full crown section of your hair and once your hair is super big and voluminous, gently brush out. Take your bangs and pin out of the way and then working with one side, split into two sections and twist them upon each other. Grab bobby pins and use them to secure your twisted bangs to the side of your head.


Messy Braided Low Bun

  • Continuing from the previous look, simply create a 3-strand braid off to the side and tie. Next, turn the braid upon itself into a bun at the nape of your neck and secure using bobby pins. Allow some pieces of hair to fall out and re-curl if necessary, while adding more pins if there is too much fall-out. It’s casual, yet dressy!


Waves, Twists and Delicate Details

  • Undo your bun and twist the other side of your head the way you twist your bangs. Tease the sides and re-do any curls. You can add a cute Swarovski or studded accessory on one side to add a little touch of elegance. This look is all about the delicate details!


**Finish off each look with a light mist on Level 2 of your Leyla Milani Hair “Hold It Right There” Hairspray and you’re set!


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Posted: Dec 02 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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