How to Part Your Hair

Reese Witherspoon with blonde hair parted on the side

You can change your look instantly simply by altering your how you part your hair. It can offer a transformative balance that highlights your features OR it can take away from them – which is why we are also going to tell you how to part it based on your face shape. Here’s a quick guide on how to find your ideal part balance:



  • A middle or deep side part works best on a heart-shaped face (wider in cheek area) with long hair. However, with too many layers this can have the opposite effect. In the latter case, a slight side part would work best in order to make the face appear thinner. The deep side part can work to break up the chin line, which may be pointy in some individuals. This part will also soften the cheekbones.


Tip: if your hair tends to want to part down the middle, create a side part with a fine-toothed comb while your hair is still wet and then applying a flexible hold gel to hold it in place. Secure this direction with your blow-dry.



  • Go with a deeper, sideswept side part beginning above the eyebrow arch to soften the forehead and jawline. It’s also a great idea to have longer layers since this will mask the harsher contours of a square shaped face. Just be careful not to make the part too deep as this can emphasize the angles instead of softening them.



  • The oval face can pretty much handle a part in any direction, so really it will just come down to preference! Part middle, side, deep side, or even zig zag – see what style fits you the most, it really is the most ideal face shape and will allow you to rock an entire range of looks.



  • For a circle face shape, choose a middle or deep side part - but the trick with this is to show off your more dominant side. Simply try both to see which one works best. Both of these parts will create length and symmetry around the face. Also, for this shape use caution with adding too many layers and short hair suits it very well.


And that is the art of finding the perfect part! Simple right?


  • Thank you! And that one of my mom is one of my absolute faorvites! I just love the entire look the dress, the side pony-tail with the scarf, and, of course, the sunglasses! =)Hope your pregnancy is going smoothly! I know it gets harder towards the end especially when you already have another little one to chase!

    Posted by Muhammet on April 02, 2015

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Posted: Nov 23 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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