How to: Volumised French Braid

Frozen's Elsa on the right with french braid and matching celebrity on the left

Not just for the box office hit Frozen, volumised French Braid’s are a beautiful and sophisticated trend this season. You can easily wear this style yourself and here’s how to get it right!

    • Gently backcomb the entire top section of your hair using a fine-toothed comb (Milani Hair ‘Big Tease’) to get lots of volume. Then, lightly smooth out the top and brush out the ends to make sure there’s no knots or tangles.
    • Once you've backcombed, then you want to take half of your hair up (doesn't have to be too neat) and tie in place using a clear elastic band. Then, slightly pull forward sections of hair out of the elastic to make it slightly looser. Push this hair forward and using bobby pins, secure it in place.

  • Next, add 3 small wefts of your Milani Hair Extensions to the back portion of your head for additional volume and length. Brush your hair through.
  • Now you’re ready to begin the French Braid! Take two sections of the back of your hair starting from the top of your elastic. Cross them over each other and then get the middle section that you’ve tied up, bringing it over and crossing it to the other side. Grab another section of hair, joining it into the middle and continually grabbing sections from the sides until you’ve completed your entire French braid. Towards the end bring your hair to one side, carrying on with your 3-strand braid and securing with another clear elastic band.
  • Last, the trick to this volumised French braid is to then cut the top elastic band (careful not to cut your own hair!) and let your hair fall naturally into the braid.
  • To finish off the look, bring out a few wispy pieces of hair in the front and slightly pull out your braid toward the end to make it wider.


For the full YouTube tutorial click here.


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Posted: May 12 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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