Top Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

curly valentine's day hairstyleWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a night to impress your love (if you’re celebrating) and show them just how lucky they are ;) With that in mind, here are some of the top Valentine’s Day hairstyles that will surely vamp up your sex-appeal.

They’re also great to keep in mind for just about any sultry night out.

Soft Curls

  • Using medium-sized hot rollers, place from the bottom of your hair and roll up to your roots, leaving them in for 20 minutes. Next, remove and separate the curls with your fingers, finishing with a shine spray throughout. This will give you that soft-curled look that is sexy, casual, and flawless.
straight and rounded hairStraight & Rounded
  • Blow-dry your hair straight with a round brush and then using a large curling iron, go over 2-inch sections to create that large, sculpted wave that frames the face. Next, mist with Level 1 “Hold it Right There” hairspray (Milani Hair).
Beach-Styled Waves
  • For a seductive beach-worthy wave, wrap hair loosely around a large barrel curling iron (Milani Hair Triple Threat barrel 1 ¼). To break up the pieces, simply run your fingers through your hair and mess up the ends a little bit for that sultry appeal.
flipped hairFlipped Ends
  • Begin blow-drying your hair with a vent brush for volume (after you’ve added your Milani Hair ‘Big Hair Don’t Care’ volumizing powder, of course) and then finish with a round brush to flip the ends of your hair outward. To add some texture, put a dab of gel/pomade into your palms and lightly run it through your locks.
Swept Up-do
  • Using a tight-toothed comb “Big Tease”, sweep it through your hair using short strokes creating volume as you go. Next, gathering the rest of your hair at the back, pin it in place with bobby pins and add a Level 3 hairspray (‘Hold it Right There’) for a tighter hold.


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Posted: Jan 28 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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