Red-Carpet Hair Tricks

Celebrities walking the red-carpet look nothing short of breathtaking! They go through countless hours of hair, makeup, fittings, and overall prep to make them appear so glamorous, which would cost a pretty penny to most. There are however, several foolproof ways to steal a bit of celebrity glam for yourself—without breaking the bank. Here are some key red-carpet hair tricks to help you look the part: Don’t Style Your Hair Fresh
  • Hair is best styled with a little dirt! Celebrities are usually asked to come with their hair pre-washed and dried (usually the night before) so that their stylist can have more control over their hair-do.
  • Tip: Wash your hair the night before you plan on styling it and invest in a texturizing spray and dry shampoo (Milani Hair No H20 Volumizing Dry Shampoo).
Eliminate Frizz First
  • To eliminate that unruly frizz, a stylist will blow-dry a celebrity’s hair straight prior to any sort of styling (you can see how that would be a bit time consuming).
  • Tip: apply a hair oil or anti-frizz to wet/damp hair and then wrap into a bun and let set. This is an especially good technique to use the night before you plan to style your hair.              
Own your Style
  • Great hair is mostly confidence when it comes down to it. Take a celebrity with a plain shoulder-cut bob, yet with the sensual image of confidence and allure—this style reaches a whole new level of greatness.
Pump it up with Extensions
  • Nearly all red-carpet glammed do’s incorporate hair extensions. They so closely resemble one’s natural hair and are really essential for HD TV (normal hair actually looks pretty flat otherwise).
  • Tip: Grab a pair of clip on extensions (Milani Hair) and turn your hair from drab to fab, just like your favorite celebrity no doubt does! Also, be sure to thicken your own hair with a volumizing powder for better styling and fullness.


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Posted: Jan 21 2014
by: Duck & Cover

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