Feather Loop Braid Hair Tutorial

There are countless adaptations to the classic braid, each one more creative than the next. Braiding is not only fun, but also makes for a chic trend statement that can be easily created in minutes. Below is a unique version of the regular 3-strand braid, named the “Feather Loop Braid”. It can be styled on its own as pretty pigtails, accessorized with a Fedora hat, or done as one side braid as opposed to two for a more sophisticated look. 1. Starting off with damp hair, apply some gel through your strands to prevent flyways. 2. Secure your hair into two low ponytails (or one on the side). 3. Next, dividing your hair into 3 equal sections, you’re going to cross the right strand over the middle and then the left strand over the middle—this will be the start of the braid. It’s super easy once you get the hang of it! 4. Now separate a small section of hair from the right and keeping it out of the way cross it over the middle. Do the exact same thing on the left side. 5. Back to the other side, separate a chunk of hair on the right strand again, BUT this time take the first strand you left out and add it back to the right strand. Repeat on the opposite side (left strands). After doing this a few times, you can begin pulling on the outside strands to give it that feathered look.


Take out some hair from the left strand, keep it aside, then take the strand you left out previously and add it back into the braid! *Braid your hair very tightly and every time you create a new loop, be sure to pull out the previous loop above. You can continue this braid all the way down OR you can stop half-way and tie it off with an elastic band. If you’d like to hide the elastic, simply tie your hair into a knot around it and secure with a bobby pin. For an extra glossy look, apply more gel or hairspray (“Hold it Right There”) when you’re finished. Watch the video tutorial here:


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Posted: Oct 01 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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