Three Hairstyles that Highlight Clip in Hair Extensions

Okay, so you bought the best clip in hair extensions. Now what? Well, you can check out our blog for the latest celebrity hair trends. If you're in a rush or a girl who just wants the basics, here are three styles that will highlight your new Milani hair extensions.

Hair Down

Starting at the nape of the neck, part your hair horizontally. The key to hiding hair extensions is to leave enough of your natural hair out to cover the track (weft, or whatever you call it). Next, back comb your hair right at the root. Now, align the clip in hair extension with the horizontal part that you made. So basically, you're sectioning your hair, putting the extension in, then dropping your natural hair over it. In other words, sandwich the extensions in-between your natural hair. What if the tracks are peaking through? Easily take out the clip in extensions and re-position them. If you have hair in the front that doesn't blend properly, use a curling iron to blend the front in with the back.


The chignon is a great hairstyle for a special occasion. Apply the hair extensions in the same way you would if you were wearing them down. Pull all of your hair to one side into a low ponytail. Add a French braid to the opposite side for a more decorative flare. Just think of pigtails. Apply a bun shaper to the low ponytail to add a little more volume and depth to the chignon. Twist and tuck the hair around the bun shaper. Don't forget to wrap the French braid around the bun shaper too, and secure the hair with some bobby pins. Now you're ready for a night out on the town!


There's a special technique for putting in hair extensions for a ponytail. The trick is to put the extensions in upside down starting at the nape of the neck. Part your hair horizontally (like you would for wearing your extensions down), and place the hair extensions in upside down. Leave enough hair at the nape to cover the extensions when you put the hair into the ponytail. Remember, you have to hide that track! It's pretty much the same as the wearing your extensions down method except your clipping the extensions in upside down. Now that you have the basics down, you're ready for any occasion! And now that you know how to apply hair extensions for wearing them up or down, you can go ahead and try other amazing hairstyles. See the latest celebrity hair extensions sightings and news.


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Posted: Sep 19 2013
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