Hair Extensions Through the Ages

Though you may not know it, hair extensions have been around for centuries. Women have always taken pride in their looks and adding or enhancing their hair was a status symbol. Early hair extensions were often made from other materials, reserving the real human hair for the elite classes. Here is a brief history of hair extensions. Ancient Egyptians in 3400 BC, used human hair attached with complex knots and weaves to lengthen the hair of important members of society, including pharaohs. In the Victorian Age, human hair was used by men and women to achieve opulent hairstyles of the day, such as Apollo knots. In the 1700’s, the popular powdered wigs were composed of human hair. 1900 hair extensionsIn the early 1900’s, human hair extensions were called switches and were clipped into the hair. Now, in 2013, hair extensions come in many different forms, synthetic, human hair, as well as blends (human and synthetic). Today, hair extensions are more widely accepted from older women using them to cover their thinning hair to young teens wanting something different for a special occasion. Methods of attachment range from bonding glue, sewing in with thread, and fusion to name a few. Milani Hair has helped to revolutionize the hair extension industry by creating simple, clip in extensions that can be done at home. Many celebrities are using the clip in extensions as they are versatile and won’t damage your hair the way permanent extensions do. Milani Hair has perfected the art of clip in extensions with 100% human hair. Natural Remy human hair gives you the freedom to style your hair any way you want to, which includes cutting, dyeing and heat styling. There’s no need to go to a beauty salon to have expensive, and sometimes painful, hair extensions put in, when you can order them from Milani Hair in your shade, and put them in yourself! There are six simple steps to put your hair extensions in, and it’s super easy for you to take them out. For more information, contact Milani Hair, and get the longer, or thicker hair you’ve always wanted.


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Posted: Sep 05 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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