How to Get Soft Bouncy Curls

Soft bouncy curls (popularized by celebrities like the Kardashian sisters) is a hairstyle that is beautifully chic and easily transitional from daytime to evening. Here’s how to achieve that effortless loose curl that is so trending right now. 1.    Working with dry hair, apply a conditioning oil (like Argan oil) sparingly to the ends of your hair. This will help to eliminate any potential frizz and provide a more sleek appearance. 2.    Separate the top portion of your hair (from your ears up) from the bottom and secure using a clip or hair tie. Lightly spray the section you are working with using level 1(light) of the Hold it Right There Hairspray. Be sure to let your hair dry before you begin. milani hair products3.    Using a 1” barrel curling iron, simply wrap 2” sections of your hair beginning from close to your roots for additional volume. Be sure to wrap your hair in an outward direction (away from your face) and hold for about 8 seconds. Less or more time will influence the tightness of the curl so it is important to stay consistent. The 1” barrel from Milani Hair Triple Threat Ceramic Iron will be perfect for this and will protect your hair from frizzing while also sealing in your soft curls from humidity. Repeat until the entire bottom section of your hair is complete. 4.    Now further separate the top section of your hair in two (the part should be in line with your eyebrows) lightly spray this area, allow to dry, and repeat step 3. 5.    Last, working with the top section of your hair, repeat the same process. For your bangs however, hold for only 6 seconds because you’ll want to achieve a slightly looser curl. 6.    Last, once your hair has cooled (at least 10 minutes) you can brush it out using a Boar/Nylon Paddle Brush. This dual bristle brush will further boost shine and add volume compared to a standard single bristle brush. Besides being trendy, the soft bouncy curls style is classic and chic and never goes out of style.


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    Posted by Chantell on March 20, 2014

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Posted: Jul 15 2013
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