Celebrity Hair: Red Carpet Sexy

How do celebrities get such long, sexy hair? And how is it that they seem to be able to grow their hair twice as quickly as the rest of us? Is it luck or is it magic? Neither, actually. Rest assured, celebrities do not have special access to secret hair potions or to Fairy Godmothers who grant them their celebrity hair, so that's not it. As a matter of fact, most celebrities are stuck with the same hair challenges as the rest of us. We just don't see it. What makes celebrity hair different is the use of hair extensions creating length and volume. Now, once upon a time, celebrity hair extensions were expensive and time-consuming. They were only available to the rich and famous. The rest of us just had to make do with the hair that we had. Nowadays, clip-in hair extensions make it possible for anyone to get that hot Red Carpet look - in minutes - without looking fake. Our Milani hair extensions are made from Grade A, 100% Remy human hair and with their silky texture, no one will be able to tell that you haven't grown your long mane all by yourself! And because our extensions are made of real hair, they can be styled like real hair. Our clip-ins make it possible to change out your look in literally minutes. The clip-in technology does not damage your hair, unlike conventional hair extension treatments. Add length, add volume, add some bangs! Go curly or go straight. Shake that head of sexy hair and get ready for the paparazzi!


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Posted: Apr 04 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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