Clip on Extensions: An Easy Way to Change Up Your Look!

Do you have shorter hair and are waiting to grow it out to a longer length? The time it takes for hair to grow can be a bit daunting, since most hair only grows a half an inch to an inch each month. With clip on hair extensions, you can change your look quickly and effortless in a matter of minutes. At Milani Hair, we provide you with 100% silky and shiny Remy human hair. Since the hair is 100% real human hair, you have a variety of options when it comes to styling your clip on extensions. You can cut, color, curl, flat-iron, blow-dry Milani Hair extensions just like your own, natural hair. Using clip on or clip in extensions is amazingly easy and they can be put back into your hair at anytime. You don’t have to worry about the itchy and painful sewed on wefts or glue-in options that many salons offer, since they merely clip onto your hair and snap back off. Don’t worry about them falling out! Our small, durable clips are sewn on top of a fine lace trim that seamlessly matches the hair color and is snugly and securely held in place once snapped on.  They're designed to be comfortable and virtually impossible to detect in your hair. Since Milani Hair extensions are made out of human hair, you can definitely change the color to suit your own effortlessly. Take them to a color professional to get the perfect match for your hair. This will make your extensions look even more real and seamless. If you’re in the mood to switch your hair style for a special occasion or an overall brand new you, contact us. We’ll help you choose the perfect color of high quality clip on extensions that suit your needs.


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Posted: Mar 28 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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