Holiday Hair Trends: Tinsel Town

If you thought feather extensions were wild, wait until you see this season’s unique trend for holiday hair. Celebrities from Beyoncé to Real Housewife Adrienne Maloof are taking a cue from festive holiday décor and celebrating the season of sparkle with tinsel hair extensions. This fun new style isn't just for the stars of Tinseltown – you can get in on the hair glitz too. When you combine Milani's hair extensions with the new tinsel trend, it's a holiday glam slam. All that glitters. Tinsel hair extensions are a great way to impart a subtle flash to already gorgeous locks. Much like feather extensions, they can be applied at home or in the salon. Just crimp them in place. The glittering strands come in a rainbow of colors and are added individually, allowing you to customize your look with just the amount of hair glitz you desire. The perfect pair. Although these tinsel extensions can be worn alone, they look even better with Milani hair extensions. Simply crimp your tinsel extensions in place, then part your hair and attach your Milani extensions as usual. This is a great way to hide the crimped base of each tinsel strand. When you combine the metallic luster of tinsel with the big volume boost you get from Milani, you'll wind up with holiday hair that's worthy of some serious flaunting. When to shine. Just like Milani's own hair extensions, tinsel can be safely removed without damaging hair. You can choose to keep your hair glitz all season (tinsel extensions are shampoo-safe) or simply try this trend for a special night out. For daytime looks, tinsel looks best on lower layers. That way, you get just a hint of the effect. For parties and nighttime events, go for a bolder look by adding more strands.. So now you know how to get a little extra attention this holiday season. Tinsel extensions are a fantastic holiday hair trend, and they make it so easy to be a little extra festive. This year, pair Milani hair extensions with a touch of tinsel to make yourself into a walking, shining example of hair glitz and glam. Ladies, you can easily apply the look at home. Or, if you're not thrilled by the idea of purchasing crimping tools, just ask about services at your local salon. Happy Holidays from Milani Hair!


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Posted: Dec 21 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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