The Top 5 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles of All Time

Celebrity hairstyles are sometimes just as famous as the people who wear them. While you wouldn't walk into your neighborhood hair salon and ask for the Donald Trump, if you did, you'd know exactly what to expect. Although you might not ask for the hairstyles on our list below by name, they've made such an impact on the world of hair that variations of them still survive today. From the pages of Vogue to your best friend's new haircut, the 'dos of today owe a debt of gratitude to these iconic styles of yesteryear: 1. The Rachel. Open any high school yearbook from the 90's and you’re bound to find at least one Rachel on every page. Named for Jennifer Aniston’s character on the hit sitcom Friends, this celebrity hairstyle became a signature cut in every hair salon across the nation. Its bold layers made it edgy while its styling kept it soft, making it a hit with stylish women of all ages. 2. Farrah Fawcett’s mane. Farrah’s windswept waves made her look like she was constantly being cooled by a light summer breeze. The full-bodied look had women everywhere begging the stylists at their local hair salon to make them look like one of Charlie’s Angels too. 3. Marilyn Monroe’s tousled curls. Marilyn’s sultry platinum curls matched her personality perfectly. Across the globe, and especially here at home, women in the 50's permed, cut and curled their hair in an effort to capture the look made famous by an actress thought by many to be the most beautiful woman in the world. 4. Twiggy’s pixie cut. Twiggy’s signature cut brought chic androgynous hair to the masses. Since the 60's, women have emulated Twiggy’s pixie cut for its bold silhouette and because it's so easy to style. At the same time, of course, the mere mention of Twiggy’s name sends long-haired contestants into hysterics when it’s makeover day on America’s Next Top Model. 5. Carmen Miranda’s fruity updo. Okay, so you aren’t likely to see many women walking out of the hair salon with this tropical ‘do, but we had to throw one in just for fun. You have to admit that even if it’s not a commonly worn style, it certainly is iconic and memorable. Maybe it’s time we brought this style back. It could be a great way to remember your daily serving of fruit, even when you’re on the go! If you constantly struggle to communicate your vision to the stylists at your favorite hair salon, don't forget to namedrop. Your stylist knows all about iconic celebrity hairstyles – past or present – and the only thing you really need to try out a new style is a little bit of courage and (possibly) some premium real hair extensions. This coming new year, why not take a risk? Maybe you'll come up with your own signature look, one that's worthy of being on a list of the all-time greats.


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Posted: Dec 14 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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