The Top 5 Dos and Don'ts of Holiday Hair Maintenance

Over the past two weeks, the Milani Hair blog has featured the hottest (and wackiest) holiday
hair for 2011. Now we turn our attention to an equally important topic: hair maintenance. In
the mad rush of Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's easy to de-prioritize proper hair care, but
this is a serious mistake. Neglecting those lovely locks now can mean a hair-repair nightmare
come the second of January.
Free time is scare between now and New Year's Day, and we know it. The following holiday
hair maintenance tips respect both your clock and your calendar. With a little hair care savoir
faire, there's no need to choose between the perfect place setting and perfect hair. When it
comes to holiday hair, you can have your cake and eat it, too! Here we go...
1. DO use dry shampoo. We extolled the virtues of dry shampoo a few weeks ago, but
they're worth repeating. The time-consuming routine of conditioning, detangling and brushing
that shampooing requires is a serious holiday hair no-no. Replace your hair-destroying liquid
shampoo with dry shampoo. It's eco- and hair-friendly. It's also perfect for those mornings (or
evenings) when you're running a little late.
2. DON'T blow dry your hair. For anyone with long hair, blow drying is a daily affair. This is
particularly true in regions where winter is cold enough to freeze damp holiday hair into a solid
mass. While blow drying is generally safe, the heat can cause hair to feel brittle and listless.
Use those mornings and afternoons at home to give your loyal locks a break and let them air
dry. This “don't” goes perfectly with the next “do.”
3. DO use a leave-in conditioner. When you're taking a break from the blow dryer, it's an
excellent time to use something your hair really loves – leave-in conditioner. Like a deep-
moisturizing treatment for the face, leave-in conditioner replenishes the hair's moisture and
protects it from damage. It's a hair maintenance must.
4. DON'T forget about extensions. Everyone wants hair that looks thick and full of body. But
teasing hair to achieve this look is a tactic which should be left behind in the 80's. Instead,
use hair-friendly clip in extensions. They'll give any holiday hair style that extra va-va-va-voom
without putting stress on the scalp as sew-in or glue-in extensions do.
5. DO remember to sleep and eat well. Good sleeping and eating habits aren't sold in the
hair products aisle of the nearest pharmacy, but they're two of the most important factors
when it comes to achieving healthy, vibrant hair. Get as much rest as possible this holiday
season, and be sure to eat plenty of foods rich in vitamins B, C and E. Sleeping and eating
your way to healthy hair? It's a dream come true!
There you have it – five easy tips on keeping up with hair maintenance despite the holiday
season's non-stop schedule. Follow these simple rules to keep those locks shiny and silky all
the way into January. Still not sure what holiday hair style is right for you? Glance over at the
last two blog posts from Milani Hair for some great looks to try – and some to avoid! Happy


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Posted: Nov 23 2011
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