Going To The Chapel: Wedding Hairstyles Using Real Hair Extensions

With all the Will and Kate wedding hoopla last week, it's no wonder we've got weddings on the brain. When it comes to weddings, there are so many things to think about – from whether or not your dress should have ruffles to deciding if you want to wear natural hair extensions.  Of course, not everything has to be difficult. In fact, you can do many parts of the wedding yourself – including your hairstyle! For your walk down the aisle, try one of these simple wedding hairstyles you can do using real hair extensions:
  • The Kate.” The easiest wedding hairstyle you can do yourself (that will still have a huge impact!) is to simply clip in your natural hair extensions and curl the ends slightly for a natural effect. You can let your accessories do the talking – consider sparkly clips or even a tiara. With long, gorgeous hair, you'll be sure to feel like a princess
  • Go for a glow. Natural hair extensions are fantastic for weddings because they can be dyed to match or complement your hair. Pick up some real hair extensions and dye them a shade or two lighter than your natural hair for instant no-maintenance highlights the day of your wedding. What could be simpler?
  • Half up, half down – but 100% stylish. An easy wedding hairstyle you can do yourself is a half up-do. To put your hair in an up-do without having long hair, clip in a set of natural hair extensions, then pull the top half of your hair back and secure into a bun or braid. Make sure you've clipped the extensions in high enough to be hidden under the top part of your hair. Everyone will be sure to applaud your effortless style and chic hair.
  • Romantic curls. Clip in some real hair extensions, then wind your hair (and the extensions) around a 1” curling iron, twisting your wrist as you go. Once the curl sets, release the curling iron and watch your hair transform into a wreath of luscious face-framing curls.
Whether you're a princess or you just want to feel like one, real hair extensions are a great way to transform your look for your big day. Wow your groom – and your guests – with a set of natural hair extensions and a little style.


  • yer i know its so much easier to hanlde you can do so much more styles its just so much better (my hair is really thinck in my opinion) but the thing is my hair falls out alot and im only 15 it falls out when i wash it , when i straighten it, when i brush it and even when i just lyk run my fingers through it its so annoying

    Posted by Ferry on April 02, 2015

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Posted: May 03 2011
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