Get Schooled In Style – 4 (More) Cute Easy Hairstyles for School

Cute easy hairstyles for school don't have to take forever – in fact, you can get adorable hair in minutes flat using natural hair extensions. If you want to look too cool for school, try one of these cute easy hairstyles for school using natural hair extensions. 1. Add some color. Milani Hair extensions come in a variety of colors that are perfect to perk up your hair color. Grab some natural hair extensions in a slightly different color that your natural tone for highlights in seconds. For a fun, bold look, try red hair extensions. You can achieve tons of cute easy hairstyles for school simply by switching up the color you're using. 2. Go straight. Long, straight hair looks effortless and chic. Simply run a hair straightener through your natural hair extensions to make them pin straight. Finish your style with a shine serum to make sure your hair stays stylish all day long. For some extra sparkle, grab a couple of rhinestone barrettes and pin back the front of your hair. 3. Curly girl. If you have a bit more time, you can curl your hair extensions for a long, curly mane. Rushing out the door? Just curl the ends to add some bounce to your hair. Make sure you're using natural hair extensions (like Milani Hair) when you want to use hot tools – synthetic hair extensions will melt, wrecking both the extensions and your natural hair. 4. Bold braids. Long, messy braids are a huge trend right now. Clip in your hair extensions, then braid them with your natural hair. Try a single asymmetrical braid for a cute relaxed look, or do two braids for even more style. If you have some time and want to be a little fancier, learn how to do a fishtail braid – once you know how, it's an incredibly easy way to make a normal braid even cuter. Next time you're running late, just step away from the mirror, clip in some natural hair extensions and go. Clip in hair extensions are an incredibly simple way to maximize your style in minutes. You'll look – and feel – gorgeous all day at school.


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Posted: Apr 29 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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