On The Go Hair Styles With Or Without Natural Hair Extensions

Whether you overslept on purpose or your alarm clock died, leaving you in the lurch, sometimes you have to look good in a hurry. For ladies on the go, it can be tough to find a fantastic hair style that comes together quickly – without resorting to hair elastics. Say goodbye to spending hours in front of the mirror with these four hair styles that you can do in minutes:
  • Do a twist on the pony. Sure, you could throw your hair into a ponytail – but why stick to basics when it's just as easy to create a fun twist on an old standard? Try an asymmetrical ponytail (don't go all the way to the side or you'll risk looking like an extra in an Olivia Newton John music video) or a chic low pony. Throw in a few small braids or twists and you'll look like you spent hours fixing your hair. This is one of the most popular celebrity hair styles this spring, so you'll be perfectly on trend.
  • Take inspiration from Paris. If you have long hair, you're just six steps away from a perfectly messy bun. Twist your hair high on your head, then secure with bobby pins. It takes just a few seconds, but will give you a stylish and sophisticated new look that comes straight from the streets of Paris. The trick to making this style work is dirty hair – good news for ladies who are on the go! This is a perennial trend in celebrity hair styles, so you'll look - and feel - classic.
  • Clip in natural hair extensions and walk out the door. Clip in natural hair extensions give you a new look in seconds. If you have to look great and you only have a few minutes, natural hair extensions will make your hair look fuller and longer almost instantly. Bonus: at the end of the night, take your natural hair extensions out and hit the sack – no more waking up with a forgotten bobby pin poking you in the eye.
  • Reach for accessories. Nothing dresses up hair more quickly than a headband or some sparkly clips. Celebrity hair styles have been making use of fun accessories lately, so jump on board. If you're in a pinch, just slip on a headband and go – what could be simpler?
Next time you don't have time, try one of these quick and easy hair styles for a new look in seconds. You'll feel chic and fabulous – and nobody has to know you only spent minutes.


  • Wish that I have the opportunity to visit this Andy area one day. Your crtevitiay is interesting, keep it going! My students just love it!BTW your blog is listed in my late daughter’s blogroll!

    Posted by Foirx on April 02, 2015
  • We should have to go for natural hair extension because it is mostly non side affections.Look very awesome in few second. I have use for long time and it is great experiences…………

    Posted by Alan Lawrence on March 20, 2014

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